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NDT Ingenieros s.l.


We provide the full equipment to perform soil lateral load tests with high reliability and guarantee.
We include performing training courses as well as optimal equipment maintenance instruction.

Lateral Load Testing

We offer the required tools to perform lateral load tests which allow effective evaluation of geotechnical parameters associated to soil features:

  • Deformation modulus
  • Subgrade soil reaction coefficient
  • Yielding pressure
  • Soil fracture pressure
  • Static earth pressure

These parameters are deduced from the resulting curves of applied pressure versus soil deformation.


Our comittment is offering best instruments quality as well as an efficient repair/maintenance service with more than 15 years experience.

Services And Support


We provide application advising (analysis of data acquired by our customers).

Maintenance And Repair

Maintenance and repair service of all parts of products (mechanical, electronic).

Training Courses

We offer training courses applied to field work and sonde maintenance.

OYO Elastmeter-2 Sonde HQ 4180

Elastmeter-2 is a sonde designed for the measurement of applied lateral load and relevant soil deformation aplicable to a wide range of soils from soft to hard rock.

Deformation radius is measured by means of two extensible arms within the packer. Such data, after a mathematical correction figures the real diameter deformation of the borehole.

It integrates high precision transducers and relevant electronic circuits to improve accuracy, reliability and easyness of operation


  • Aplicable to 66mm and 76mm diameter boreholes
  • Maximum pressure: 20MPa (~ 200 Kg/cm²)
  • Expansion packers: type BX (Φ = 62mm) or NX (Φ = 72mm)
    • Soft packer: 0 - 50 Kg/cm²
    • Hard packer: 0 - 200 Kg/cm²
  • Load section height: 520mm
  • Pressure and radius measurements are taken directly from sonde integrated sensors


  • Stainless steel calibration ring and pipes
  • High pressure hose: 100mts (higher lenths available)
  • Electric control cable: Steel reinforced, 100mts (higher lenths available)

See our Products for information about the other components (Hydraulic pump, Packers, Data adquisition unit)


CAD-USB is a new device developed by NDT Ingenieros for the analog to digital data conversion of output signals from conditioner EL4 and former models. It downloads data in real time into an Excel datasheet through USB port.

Hardware Characteristics

  • Resolution: 12 bits (steps of 1,2 mV)
    • In radius measurement: 0,004 mm
    • In pressure measurement: 0,05 Kg/cm²
  • A/D noise conversion: ±1 bit (±2mv)
  • USB bus powered
    Permanent maximum current drawn: < 60 mA
  • Galvanic isolation of power and data lines
  • Input signal range: 0-5 V. Compatible with EL4 conditioner and precedent versions
  • ESD protection: 15 KV
  • Electronic protection against short-circuits
  • Digital output connector: USB type B
  • Analog input connector: DSub 9 (EL4 conditioner and precedent versions)

Software characteristics

    Compatible with following Operating systems:
    • Windows XP (SP1 and SP2)
    • Windows 7
    Microsoft Office compatibility:
    • Office XP (Office 2002)
    • Office 2003

Office 2007 and Office 2010 are not compatible with this product. We recommend Office 2003 since this is the quickest and most stable version of all Microsoft Office packages up to date.


  • 1 meter USB cable
  • Software package for 'Packer Calibration' and 'Field data adquisition' (v8)
  • Drivers
  • Installation Manual

Signal Conditioner EL4

The signal conditioner EL4 is a low cost electronic unit developped by NDT Ingenieros for raw data display of sonde Elastmeter-2 and computer linkage.

The unit includes two digital display panels for pressure load and radius expansion.

It includes high capacity batteries, protection fuses and an analog data output connector fow working with CAD-USB conversor, which will allow real time data processing, storing and analysis in a PC computer.


  • Power supply: Internal through rechargeable batteries (optional without batteries for external 24 Vdc power supply or 110-220 Vac)
  • Integrated battery charger (110-220 Vac)
  • Pressure display: 3 1/2 digits, 0-199.9 Kg/cm² - Resolution = 0,1 Kg/cm²
  • Radius display: 3 1/2 digits, 0-19,99 mm – Resolution = 0,01 mm
  • Battery Voltage display button
  • PC link connector: USB (CAD-USB required)
  • Weight: 4.25 Kg (including batteries)
  • Dimensions: 14cm H x 22cm W x 28cm Depth


Carrying case: PELICAN type (32cm Height)


EL4 User Manual

Elast Logger-2 4022B OYO

OYO Elast Logger-2 is an electronic unit for data acquisition, display and recording designed for Elastmeter-2 sonde.

The unit includes a graphical screen to display the load pressure and radius values including the historic correlation plot of both magnitudes. It integrates as well a graphical printer.

Data are stored under CSV format. They may be transfered to a PC through any USB memory device.


  • External dimensions: 37cm W x 18cm H x 47cm Depth
  • Weight: 10 Kg

OYO Packers

The OYO packer is the part that conveys load to borehole wall.

The elastic material used has been carefully choosen by manufacturer to offer maximum durability and repeatability of measurements.

The internal diameter is normalized and adapted to Elastmeter-2 sonde to deliver maximum operation range.


  • Total length: 640mm
  • Lenght of expanding section: 520mm
  • o Two different hardnesses:
    • Soft type: For loads of 0-50 Kg/cm² (soft, medium hard soils)
    • Hard type: For loads of 0-200 Kg/cm² (hard soils)
  • Choice of two different diameters:
    • BX type: Φ = 62mm
    • NX type: Φ = 72mm

OYO Hydraulic Pump 4185

The OYO manual high pressure pump is a pressuring device to apply pressure to the sonde by mean of water or oil.

Critical pump parts are made of stainless steel to insure long durability and resistance to corrosion.


  • Maximum pressure: 20 MPa
  • Tank capacity: 18 liters
  • Piston volume: 5 cm³
  • External Dimensions: 29cm W x 37.5cm H x 61cm Depth
  • Weight: 8 Kg
  • Operation fluid: Water / Oil
  • Full scale of pressure gauge: 0 – 20 MPa


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