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NDT Ingenieros s.l.


We provide the required equipment to minimize vibration in rotor wing and turbopropeller ships including training courses as well as equipment calibration and repair.


Vibration Control

In aviation rotors, the weight unbalance as well as blade rotation asymmetries generate vibration in both axial and transversal planes.

Such vibration, besides generating discomfort to crew/passengers, due to materials fatigue, it generates structural cracks and premature worn of several engine components.

The MicroVib II instrument corrects such vibration supplying comfort to passengers and lengthening engine components life

Our compromise is offering best performing instruments as well as a professional maintenance and repair service with over 30 years experience in that field.


MicroVib II System

Advanced rotor track, balance and vibration analysis instrument.

MicroBase Professional Data Base Software

Health engine monitoring software.

Any accessory of MicroVib II system can be supplied separately

Support and after sale Services

Calibration of instruments and sensors

Our quality commitment meets ISO-9001:2015 standard audited and certified by AENOR.

Maintenance and Repair

We provide maintenance and repair service from our own laboratory for all supplied instruments.

Training Courses

We offer training courses of operation and application on aircrafts for all of our instruments.

MicroVib II System

This instrument for track, balance and vibration analysis concentrates the professional experience of many years in aviation rotors. It is applicable to fixed wing propellers as well as helicopter rotors.

The MicroVib II system is based in a computerized real time data acquisition, processing and recording unit.

The main unit integrates the display screen and the control keyboard.


  • 4 vibration input channels
  • 4 magnetic pickup input channels
  • 1 input/output for optical tracking device for automatic measurement of blades height and lead-lag
  • Includes an advanced vibration spectral analyzer
  • Application software library for the rotor track/balance and vibration analysis of most popular airplanes and helicopters


  • Vibration sensors

  • Photocell probes
  • Optical tracker for automatic measurement of blades height and lead-lag

  • Magnetic pickups
  • Connection cables
  • Specific sensor brackets for each aircraft

MicroBase Professional Data Base Software

MicroBase Professional is a software which builds a data base of all vibration data acquired with MicroVib II system. Analysis is performed applying concepts of grouping, classifying and the comparison of data.

MicroBase Professional stores all acquired vibration high resolution spectral data, linking them automatically to the aircraft ID previously defined in the program.at time of acquisition.

It generates for each specific aircraft, specific spectral narrow bands associated to each rotating part of engine/rotor, defining alert and alarm thresholds for each related band.


  • Trend analysis of vibration peak amplitude within each rotation band, generating automatically alerts and alarms of threshold exceedings based on absolute values and/or trend function
  • Automatically generates diagnosis logs
  • Generates individual overlapped spectral plots and bands
  • Generates individual trend plots of vibration peak amplitudes for each band
  • Forecasts potential mechanical problems at short and medium term


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